Designing sound and implementing interactive audio systems are my passion, and I have worked with creative individuals as well as big companies.

No matter the scope, your artistic vision always comes first!

Audio Pipeline Consultation

Every project has specific needs that need to be met when setting up a solid audio pipeline.

I've worked with Unreal Engine, Unity and web based game frameworks, with their respective native audio systems, as well as audio middleware solutions like FMOD and Wwise.

I help you develop the best strategy that supports your project artistically and also fits your workflow.

Sound Design

I've over 15 years experience working as audio professional that I want to bring to your next project.

Interactive audio can get very abstract and sometimes difficult to grasp. To me, good communication is paramount to a smooth execution.

Whether you already know exactly what you want your project to sound like, or you are still searching for the perfect style, I help you establish a style guide and we take it from there.

Audio Implementation

Good audio implementation interesects with many fields of the development process, like level design, animation systems or UI/UX.

Being a Technical Sound Designer also means being a Generalist.

I speak Unreal Engine Blueprint, C# and javascript, know how audio hooks into game engine specific animation / editor / UI tools and have also shipped projects using audio middleware solutions like FMOD and Wwise.

This enables me to aid your developers with audio integration or handle it completely.