Nice To Meet You

I’m Michael, professional Sound Designer for Games & Media currently located in Munich.

Since 2003 I’ve been working as Audio Professional in various roles.

In late 2015 I decided to start my own business & focus on game audio & sound for interactive & playful media. Here's where three of my favorite things, namely games/interactive experiences, working with sound & the design of complex audio systems converge into sth. beautiful.

Sound & music are very powerful tools, which can elevate story telling, game mechanics & game play & VR experiences to a whole other level.

I strive daily to establish, create & deliver only the best audio experiences for my clients!

What I Offer

High Quality Sound Design

I strive to deliver only the best results for my clients and I firmly believe that good communication is vital in achieving a coherent audio experience.

Audio Implementation

I know the Ins and Outs of the native Audio Features of Unity3D and UE4 as well as popular Audio Middleware like Wwise, FMod & Fabric.


I write music covering a wide range of contemporary styles like various Electronic Genres, Indie, Rock, Experimental & HipHop. For Classical compositions I am able to delegate jobs to colleagues in my network.

Trailer Postproduction

Trailers need to leave an impression and generate interest! Whether it's for a Kickstarter campaign or on launch, good Sound is a vital part in achieving that.

Flexible File Formats

Whether you need High Definition Source Formats for later conversion or you are on a tight Memory Budget. You decide Format, Bit Depth, Sample Rate!

Free Unlimited Revisions

I grant unlimited Revisions on Sound Effects free of charge, given that revision requests are made withing a certain time period and don't deviate too much from what was initially agreed upon.

On Time Delivery

Deadlines are important and I always make sure to meet them! Again: communication is key!

Version Control

I am comfortable using GIT for revision control in regards to Audio Integration. But if you're working with SVN or Mercurial I can get up to speed with these fairly quickly.

Get In Touch

I'm always looking to collaborate on exciting projects!

Let's talk!