Michael Klier

Wrapping Up November

November was a really busy month. Time for another short recap! In short:

  • UE4 got MIDI support
  • Facebook Spatial Audio Encoder released for Windows
  • VLC Now Supports 360 Video Playback
  • Rise Of Legions Progress Update
  • I Did Sounds For MarZ Rising
  • I Released An EP
  • Cruising Between The Years


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Release: INERTIA / EP

I just released a EP featuring 6 minimalistic electronic tracks I've been working on & off during 2016.

You can download (pay what you want) it here!

The EP will also be available on Spotify & iTunes in the future.

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Wrapping Up October

Welcome to another monthly recap. October was a busy month so it's going to be a bit shorter than usual (I got involved in two NDA protected projects which I can't share any information about right now).

  • I started working on Rise Of Legions
  • Jaunt Web VR gets Spatial Audio
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